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Looking forward

Just three more weeks until the first issue of 10Flash and everything is moving into place.

I have ten great pieces of flash fiction for you to read, all written around a common theme — a librarian traveling in a foreign country — and they are a nice mix of science fiction, fantasy, horror and suspense.

I’m please to report that there will also be an eleventh piece of flash to mark the premier of 10Flash.  The author of that tale is a surprise, but those of you who are devotees of flash fiction should recognize the name.

And I am also pleased to announce that 10Flash is now open to unsolicited submissions.

10Flash publishes genre flash fiction — fantasy, horror, science fiction or suspense stories of 1,000 words or less.

Each quarterly issue will feature ten stories, all written around a common theme. These themes are not intended to be restrictive, but rather to provide a thread to pull the issue together.

The theme for the October 2009 issue is: two men, one of them wounded, flee pursuit following a botched bank-robbery.

As authors, you are encouraged to freely interpret the themes and the genre you chose for your story. Write what you are familiar with or experiment with a tale that is outside your usual genre.

I am open to new ideas and reinterpretations of genre — as long as your stories is well written.  Please read the guidelines before you submit your work.

I hope you will stop by July 1st.  I believe you’ll enjoy what you find here.