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The October thread, along with this and that

Submissions are now open for the October 2010 issue of 10Flash. The common thread is Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One.

The July issue is ready to be posted. It will mark our fifth issue, the beginning of the second year of 10Flash. I’m kicking around the idea of a compilation anthology — The First Year of 10Flash. More news on that soon.

We hit 20,000 visits on April 10 and have had 1,200 visits to view the April issue. That’s not a lot, compared to some of the bigger on-line magazines, but I’m happy with it — for the first year of publication. I’m planning to do some promotion and advertising in the coming months. I’ll let you know.

And there’s a new feature coming, too, on May 1st. One Off will present a story on the first of the months between issues. The featured stories will be genre flash, of course, and they’ll be written by 10Flash alumni, but there won’t be any themes.

The first One Off will be By Any Other Name by Charles Theisen. It’s an Artie D’Angelo story. Artie and his crew of miscreants was introduced two weeks ago in the April 2010 issue in Fingered by a Dead Rat and will appear again in the July 2010 issue in The Ride.

Don’t you dare fergetaboutit.


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