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May 2010 OneOff

Welcome to the the very first OneOff, a piece of genre flash fiction unbounded by the monthly ties of 10Flash threads.

This month’s story, By Any Other Name, is by Charles Thiesen. Charles brought us Fingered by a Dead Rat in the April 2010 issue. Fingered by a Dead Rat introduced Artie “The Angel” D’Angelo, a Massachusetts mobster with principles. 

By Any Other Name relates how Artie go his moniker, and like Fingered by a Dead Rat, it is most decidedly tongue in cheek.  There’s more Artie coming in July, but until then — enjoy.


By Any Other Name

crime caper by Charles Thiesen

Artie “The Angel” D’Angelo valued his reputation.

His work involved getting people to do what he wanted, and a reputation could make that hard or make it easy. And so, he let the story get around of how he got his name.

One time, so the story went, Artie was under an obligation to whack one Freddy Brill, a lowlife whose talk had done some harm to Artie’s extended family.

The snitch got what was happening the minute Artie stuck a Glock nine millimeter in his ear and suggested that he say his prayers. Instead of praying, Freddy talked.

[Read the story]

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