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June 2010 OneOff

Welcome to the the June 2010 OneOff story, a piece of genre flash fiction unbounded by the monthly ties of 10Flash threads.

This month’s story, Down Bayou Black, is by Gay Degani.  Gay’s been a regular contributor over the past year.  She specializes in suspense stories and dabbles a bit in fantasy, as well.

All of her stories are told with a deft touch and most often with a thumb-on-the-scale touch of humor.  Down Bayou Black is anything but funny.

It’s a poignant and powerful tale.  Gay was born and raised in the south, so the story’s setting and its language shine in every word.  I think it well may be the best story Gay has written.



Down Bayou Black

suspense by Gay Degani

Pneumonia wears me down most winters and it takes the spring to clear my lungs. That’s when I pack my old Dodge and head for our camp down Bayou Black.

My husband, Warren, reminds me we’re getting old, like I need to hear that, and warns me, too. “There’s been break-ins down there, even a knifing or two.”

“I’ve got the 12-gauge,” I tell him and he shakes his head.

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