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Time to round ’em up and head ’em in

Call for submissions for the April 2011 issue of 10Flash are now closed.  We have selected nine of the ten stories for the issue and are reviewing the stories in the reserve list to select the tenth.

Thanks to all of you who submitted.  We read a ton of great stories this go-around.  And we’re excited to announce that the selected stories include flash fiction from established pros Jay Lake and Cat Rambo, as well as up-and-coming pro Keffy Kehrli.  Jay and Cat have published speculative fiction everywhere and Keffy’s stuff is popping up at such publications as Fantasy Magazine, InterGalactic Medicine Show and Apex.

Call for submissions for the July 1, 2011, issue will open April 1.  The story thread for July is Two Years and Still Counting. I can’t wait to read what you folks come up with for that.

That’s all for now.  Come by April 1 and read the good stuff at 10Flash!