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About Us

10Flash is an on-line flash fiction site that specializes in genre stories — fantasy, horror, science fiction, crime caper, suspense and slipstream. Once each quarter, we present ten pieces of flash fiction that share a common theme.

K. C. Ball is Publisher and Co-Editor of 10Flash.

K. C. is a retired newspaper reporter and media relations coordinator. She grew up in Ohio, with her nose in a book, and she now lives in Seattle, a stone’s throw from Puget Sound.

Her flash fiction has appeared on-line at Flash Fiction Online, Every Day Fiction, Boston Literary Magazine, Fear & Trembling, Residential Aliens, Every Day Weirdness, Flashshot and Moon Drenched Fables, as well as in print in Morpheus Tales, Murky Depths and the 2008 and 2009 Best of Every Day Fiction anthologies. Her longer stories have appeared in on-line and print publications.

K.C. won the Writers of the Future competition in 2009 and graduated from Clarion West writers workshop in 2010.  She is an active member of the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America.

K. C. blogs about writing at A Moving Line .

Jude-Marie Green is Co-Editor of 10Flash.

Jude-Marie lost a bet with the Devil.  Or maybe a devil.  She thought she could read every book in the library; he (and isn’t it interesting that devils are always “he”?) found one she hadn’t checked out.  “I read it while I was at the library,” she lied.

But the Devil can smell lies like smoke on a summer breeze.  He condemned her to the writer’s life, dredging up stories from the basement of her mind and wearing out her eyes, fingertips, keyboard, and welcome at the various places she couch-surfs.  Or perhaps she won the bet.  It’s a work in progress.

She has published stories in venues as varied as Thaumatrope, Ideomancer, Desolate Places, and Dark Tales of Terror, completed Clarion West in 2010, where she learned tattoos are not painful but they aren’t pleasant, and finished five years as Associate Editor with Abyss&Apex Online Magazine.

Find more information about Jude-Marie at Jude-Marie Green.

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