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March 2011 One-Off

Welcome to 10Flash.

This month, we have the second half of Sandra Odell’s review of speculative fiction podcasts — Do You Hear What I’ve Heard – Again? These aural presentations are becoming more and more common, the internet version of books on tape, as web publishers and authors explore new ways to tell stories.

And while Sandra explores the wonders of the internet, author Jim Young spins a cautionary tale of the web’s nasty flip side in Spamhead.   This one gave me bad dreams, the night after I read it.

Next month is another full issue, our eighth quarterly outing. Until then, sit back and enjoy.

Do You Hear What I’ve Heard — Again?

review by Sandra Odell

Welcome back!

When last we left our intrepid band, they were caught fast in the nefarious clutches –

Wait.  Sorry, wrong exciting conclusion.

Here we are for part two of our look at genre podcasts and some of the best fiction you’ll ever hear on the web.  In the first installment I introduced  StarShipSofa’s Aural DelightsClarkesworld Magazine, and Beneath Ceaseless Skies.

Hopefully you’ve listened to some of the fine narrations these podcasts have to offer. If not, download and listen to a few stories now.  You can catch up to the rest of the column when you get back.

[To read the entire review, click the title]


science fiction by Jim Young

“Can you hear me, Mister Johnson?” the doctor asks.

I stare at the ceiling. I can hear fine, but can’t answer because my mouth isn’t working.

“We’re monitoring you. Don’t worry.” And the crew leaves, two nurses and a doctor. The door closes and all I can see is white, anechoic baffling.

Even though my eyes are wide open and I’m not wearing netlenses, the images appear again. I know I’m not wearing any lenses because there’s no grid, no guide, nothing. Just this beautiful, dark-haired woman, with a languorous smile, popping contacts into her eyes.

[To read the entire story, click the title]

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